Cavity Wall Insulation Wirral

Environmental Protective Coatings specialise in cavity wall insulation Wirral for domestic, commercial and public sector industries. We work with homeowners, local authorities, housing associations and commercial businesses to find unique energy saving solutions to help make sure that their property is more energy-efficient and ultimately save the occupier money in their energy bills.


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Simple and effective to save energy.

When installed professionally, walls radiate warmness back into the interior rooms, draughts are lowered around window and door frames and condensation is eliminated.

You can start saving up to one third of your heating – so you can turn down the thermostat and still keep comfy, while cutting your energy bills too.


Thermal Wall coating helps rendering wirral keep the heat in your home

Thermal Wall Coating

Virtually 45% of the all the heat in your house is seeping through your walls. The reason for the prodigious amount of heat loss through your walls is due to the moisture that finds it way from the outside in. Our masonry clear thermal coating can eliminate this by chemically bonding with the surface and creating an invisible insulation barrier. Our dirt resistant emulsion can also create this barrier for rendered houses while at the same time protecting against all types of weathering and decay.

Trust the specialists for cavity wall insulation Wirral.

  • insulate your walls and stop losing energyPro solutions tailored to your home’s needs
  • I am accredited, specialist technicians
  • Nominal disruption – a lot of the installation takes place from the outside
  • We drill several little holes through the mortar of the external brickwork to reach the cavity interior
  • Once the correct density of insulation is achieved the holes are diligently sealed and your home is left tidy and clean
  • Our insulation products are non-toxic and good for the environment





Cavity wall insulation Wirral reduces heat loss from your external walls up to 35%. Helps you to save money on your energy bills and a detached house can save up to £250 yearly. After installing cavity wall insulation your home will be more energy efficient and it can also add value to your property.

After installation you will see significantly less heat loss, thus helping you to maintain a room temperature and make your property much more comfortable to live in. You’ll be burning less fuel after installation of a cavity wall which will result in the reduction of CO2 emissions. Each house is able to reduce up to 1 ton of Carbon every year.


low cost cavity wall insulation wirral


The average cost of cavity wall insulation Wirral comes to around £700 -£1200 depending on home size. There are a few subsidies which are available, thus reducing the cost of installation.

20 year guarantee
eco friendly
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Save Energy. Save Money. Protect your Property.