Loft Insulation Wirral

Were you aware that heat rises and approximately 25% all the heat from your home may be lost through the roof? Loft insulation Wirral is the most affordable and fastest way to save energy and money at home from your heating bills. Insulating your loft or topping up any insulation you have already will help to keep heat in your house more effectively. This also support the using of less energy resulting in the lowering of CO2 carbon dioxide emissions; one of the biggest causes of climate change. This will also reduce your bills too.


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Insulate Your Home & Save Up to £190 Annually!

If you have no loft insulation and you install the recommended 270mm depth of quilted insulation material, you could save around £180* a year on your heating bills and 800kg* of CO2 emissions. Loft insulation is effective for at least 40* years and it will pay for itself repeatedly in that time. The better insulated your home, the less energy you need to keep it warm – the more money you can save in the long run.


Thermal Wall coating helps rendering wirral keep the heat in your home

Thermal Wall Coating

Virtually 45% of the all the heat in your house is seeping through your walls. The reason for the prodigious amount of heat loss through your walls is due to the moisture that finds it way from the outside in. Our masonry clear thermal coating can eliminate this by chemically bonding with the surface and creating an invisible insulation barrier. Our dirt resistant emulsion can also create this barrier for rendered houses while at the same time protecting against all types of weathering and decay.

The chillier it is outdoors, the faster heat from your home will escape into the surrounding air.Loft Insulation Wirral makes it far more difficult for heat to pass up through your roof by providing a layer of material that has a lot of air pockets in it. These pockets trap heat, cutting what is known as the U value of the loft.


  • Decline in Heat Loss
  • Significant Savings to Your Heat Bill
  • Quick & Cost Effective Process
  • Home Will Be Warm Quickly
  • No Need To Leave Heating On For Long Durations
  • Resulting Reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Cozy Living Environment retained
  • Better Winter & Summer Temperature Control
  • Extremely Effective Fuel Consumption
  • Improved Home Energy Rating
  • Saves Cash On Your Energy Bills
  • Makes A Contribution To Help Save The Environment
insulate your home through the loft with loft insulation wirral
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