At Environmental Protective Coatings we can offer you a number of options for pebble dashing Wirral. Available in lime and cement, we mix this together with your pick of aggregate to get the look you seek.

The wide variety of pebbles and stones to choose from today means we’re able to work with a wide range of colours and textures so your home looks fantastic, and the exterior remains to be maintenance-free.


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Pebble Dashing Explained

Pebble dashing is a cost efficient means of taking care of unsightly brickwork or breeze blocks and can be employed to give a sense of character which is generally associated with period properties. By the nature of its textured appearance and natural rustic charm, pebble dash can alter the perception of a building substantially.

The term ‘pebble dash’ is used to describe this external rendered finish because smooth pebbles or jagged spa are thrown or “dashed” onto a topcoat of render so that they stick to it before it dries and supply a weathering surface. Some pebble dash renders are known as ‘spa’ which consists of jagged chippings that are then embedded into and adhere to the render better, which is likely to last longer.


Thermal Wall coating helps rendering wirral keep the heat in your home

Thermal Wall Coating

Virtually 45% of the all the heat in your house is seeping through your walls. The reason for the prodigious amount of heat loss through your walls is due to the moisture that finds it way from the outside in. Our masonry clear thermal coating can eliminate this by chemically bonding with the surface and creating an invisible insulation barrier. Our dirt resistant emulsion can also create this barrier for rendered houses while at the same time protecting against all types of weathering and decay.

As part of our pebble dashing service at Environmental Protective Coatings we are able to provide our clients a selection of stone and spa coatings. You can pick a spa stone, which are often used for their unique natural colours and textures, or alternatively you may like to choose standard stones and simply paint over them for a more delicate uniform effect.

  • Strong & maintenance-free pebble dashing
  • Our pebble dashing services include:
  • • From one wall to your whole home
  • • Choose from a wide range of aggregates
  • • Sand and cement render
  • • Maintenance-free wall covering
  • • Competitive prices and free quotes


rendering vs pebble dashing wirral

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We uses both hand and machine applied methods for pebble dashing Wirral, we’ve invested greatly in the latest technology in machine sprayed applicators. Whatever needs you could have, Environmental Protective Coatings will have the solution.

We pride ourselves on our top quality workmanship and the professional relationship we have with all our customers. We offer an array of roughcasting, pebbledash and render solutions to the highest standard.

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